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Mixed media AKA “The open studio approach”
Because every young artist is an individual with different creative choices, Patricia has created “The open
studio approach” for the youth classes. Each student will be able to explore various mediums along the way,
which includes painting, drawing, pastels, collage, and illustration amongst others. This environment
facilitates individual creativity while allowing young artists to share ideas and work together.
Our goal is to create group classes accommodating individual goals. Based on our teaching experience, we
offer classes of 1 hour and a half minimum. That gives our young artists enough time to setup their material
and to have time to work on their project.


Drawing and painting open studios for adults

Need a place to express the artist in you? Come and join our Open Atelier Creatricia! No formal instruction, although professional constructive mentoring is offered as requested during studio time.


Drawing being one of the foundations of the creative arts, we will develop techniques and personal style with various drawing mediums. These sessions will help to develop concentration and expand attention span while relaxing the mind and having pure fun! The young artists will discover abstract and realistic drawing.


Painting is a fascinating and fun process for all to discover. We'll explore watercolor, acrylic, ink and other forms of painting on various materials as well as different styles, from abstract to representational. This is a great opportunity to discover some of the masters of all time.

Collage is back!

Explore the endless possibilities of making a piece of art through collage: choose your own subject and your own material of choice. Our guidance will be there to create a coherent piece.
Collage will develop many fine skills, and most of all a wonderful relaxing therapeutic technique.

Fashion Illustration

You will learn the process of fashion illustration starting with drawing a fashion croquis, developing a good sense of proportion and visual training of the eye. We will cover silhouettes, how the fabric drapes on the body as well as how to render fabric.
You will be the lead fashion designer and we will illustrate your vision throughout this class.

Portfolio college prep & mentoring services

If you have decided to apply to a fashion or art school / university, let Patricia personally mentor you along the way: she
will help you prepare the perfect tools and will guide you through the process of choosing the best place and the best
specialization for you.
Due to her long-time career in the fashion and arts industry, Patricia will be an amazing mentor for those interested in a
career in these fields.
• Analyze and evaluate your approach to the career and your personal goals
• Establish a proficient portfolio along with an artist statement
• Show your body of work, both a demonstration of your creative output and the way in which you reach the mastery of it


Ask us about remote classes. We can accommodate your personal needs.